More Efficient Integrated Examination Solution
Dec 20, 2019
Kanghua dry eye analyzer, in accordance with the "TFOS DEWSⅡ", provides an integrated clinical examination solution.

Kanghua Dry Eye Analyzer Function Diagram

Ocular surface examination

— Observe eyelid, conjunctiva and corneal changes —

— Automatic quantification of conjunctival and ciliary congestion —

Tear meniscus height

— Infrared light source does not stimulate tear secretion, dedicated software measures more objectively —

Tear film break up time

— Infrared light source is non-irritating, the tear film stability measurement is more accurate —

Eye surface living cell staining

— Fluorescein staining to assess corneal epithelial cell integrity —

Morphological and functional examination of meibomian glands

The high-definition digital imaging reveals the details of acinar and supports the immediate treatment of the affected part of the meibomian gland.

Objectively evaluate the degree of meibomian gland loss based on high-resolution images

High-resolution imaging at multiple magnifications, which intuitively reflects changes in the eyelid margin and meibomian gland opening

Grade evaluation of meibomian gland opening based on high-resolution images

HD digital video to observe the morphology and coating process of the lipid layer

Nano-scale lipid layer thickness assessment, intuitively reflects meibomian gland function

Graphic report

Automatically generated, no manual filling is required, and the inspection process is simpler; pictures and texts are convenient for doctors and patients to communicate; one-click generation of disease progress analysis is easy to establish and adjust treatment plans

Kanghua Dry Eye Analyzer provides a comprehensive dry eye clinical examination program to meet convenient and efficient operation experience and patient comfort requirements.

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