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Dynamic eye position inspection. Environmental illumination inspection. PC external

Model : APS-6000Ber

Dynamic eye position inspection. Environmental illumination inspection. PC external

1.Visual Field is a special automated procedure used to perform perimetry, a test that measures the entire area of peripheral vision that can be seen while the eye is focused on a central point.

2.During this test, lights of varying intensities appear in different parts of the visual field while the patient's eye is focused on a certain spot.

3.The perception of these lights is charted and then compared to results of a healthy eye at the same age of the patient in order to determine if any damage has occurred.

4.Patients with glaucoma will often undergo this test on a regular basis in order to determine how quickly the disease is progressing

illumination type


Stimulator Screen


Hemisphercal bowl, radius 30cm integrated

illumination source

Light Emitting diode

illumination size

Goldmann III

stimulus energy


stimulus time

Adjustable 0.2 to 2 Seconds

illumination color

Yellow; Red

illumination step


illumination delay

Adjustable 0.2 to 2 seconds

Auxiliary lighting

4 asb

Frame size

35mm (optional)

Stimulus number

144(0-60D),72 (0-30D), 61(0-10D red), 114 (Blind spot)

chinrest range of movement

Vertical 70mm, horizontal 90m

Fixation Method

Automatic monitoring with two options.Available blind spot method, Eye tracking method.
In both methods, fixation errors are to be immediately announced by visual and audible warnings.
The standard video camera should provide visual of the patient’s eye for additional monitoring.

Scope of the  inspection

Default test (0-60D), Yellow spot test (central 0-10D), Central 0-30D test, Quadrant test, Peripheral test (60-90D), Blind spot test, Custom Test

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