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Visual Field Analyzer in Indonesia

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Visual Field Analyzer in Indonesia


Visual Field Analyzer in Indonesia
We are highly comprehensive technical company that sells Visual Field Analyzer based on s solid technical research, production and trade, which has ten years history since producing the first Visual Field Analyzer.Our products have gained broad recognition and Our company have been supported by IS9001 certification . We aims to provide the most stable Visual Field Analyzer solutions and best customer service for our clients. The Visual Field Analyzer is recognized by many customers from Indonesia. Today, we are striving to maintain and develop the markets in Indonesia.We sincerely anticipate with yours cooperation and common development.

Contact Us

  • Name: Mr. Wang
  • Tel: +86-23-63227333
  • Fax: +86-23-63227336
  • Email:
  • MSN:
  • Add: 5#,Road 1,Tongjiaxi Industry Park,Beibei,Chongqing,China