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Professional and functional Software V1.0.0 can manage the clinical cases effectively. Auto focus.fuction
The first unit Non-mydriatic fundus camera in China
Digital acquisition system supplies high quality images with 12 Mega pixels
The first unit fundus camera with Dicom 3.0 interface and it can connect the hospital’s HIS system perfectly
PACS system for achieving medical examination networked
Integrated design for convenient operation
Auto focus design makes it easy for use
Getting clear images within 10 seconds
12 Mega professional digital acquisition systems
External and internal fixations make sure the periphery part be shooting
Professional images process and management system

Model : Fundus Photography Integrated Model APS-AER,Model B

It is non-mydriatic fundus camera

Compact design; portable device.

This cost effective design uses intuitive ergonomic operations that makes photographic results easy to capture.

5 Points internal fixation. 

External and internal fixations make sure the periphery part be shooting

Extreme ease of use, auto-focus and auto flash adjustment.

Minimal training required to be easy to take higher quality images

Professional and functional Software V1.0.0 and image management.

Featuring a built-in 12 Mega-pixel Digital Camera for high quality images.

HIGH RESOLUTION :The high resolution digital camera provides detailed, diagnostic quality images with kanghua exclusive optical system.

The fundus camera comes with Di com 3.3 interface and PACS system

Two dots alignment is easier to get the best images.

Adjust and process images’ brightness, contrast, color, etc

Paste and match the fundus images up to 0°

Measure the length and area of any shape focus


Main Technical Specification

Field Scope

up to 53 °

The minimum checking pupil size


Observing Light Source

Infrared light


Internal Fixation and External Fixation

Color digital acquisition system

≧12 Mega pixels

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